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Time to catch up

So I’ve finally accepted the grand defeat; despite my truly honest expectations to keep up a blog where I describe every day’s culinary adventure, all while working a full-time job and actually making all the food I have to write about, I’ve come to realize that I can’t quite get past the reality that there are only 24 hours in a day! For this reason I’ve decided to jump from my last post, which ended with the description of January 11th’s meal (I know, that was over 2 months ago!), into a simple listing of the meals concocted for the rest of January, up until our trip to Australia. One of the upsides of this strategy, besides the fact that I may actually be able to be up to date 2-3 posts from now, is that it will give you a sneak peak of recipes that I will undoubtedly repeat this year and share with you in future posts! For those who lack culinary inspiration, it may also give you some suggestions as to what to cook for your next meal. I will refer to specific pages for recipes that I’ve taken off the web, otherwise I invite you to “google” the ingredients or components of each meal if you’re not comfortable starting your own recipe from scratch. So here it is, a bullet point list of the rest of January 2016:

  • January 12: “Tourtière” (meat pie) with beet, fennel and pear slaw
  • January 13: ”Indielicious” feast consisting of onion bhajis with mint and date chutneys, palak paneer, vegetable korma, tandoori chicken, basmati rice and naan bread (all homemade, except for the naan. I’m afraid I don’t have the skills yet!)
  • January 14: Mustard and goat cheese oven-roasted salmon
  • January 15: Grilled swordfish steaks with chimichurri
  • January 16: Pre-Superbowl feast, courtesy of my brother Nick! Jalapeno poppers, onion rings, fried shrimp wontons, pulled pork sliders, buffalo and piri piri wings, and asian slaw, all homemade!
  • January 17: Frosted blackberry beef tartare
  • January 18: Kashmiri tofu curry
  • January 19: Maple-chipotle tofu salad with roasted butternut squash
  • January 20: Italian cod ”meatballs” with roasted cauliflower and endive salad
  • January 21: Francis’ youngest brother, Sebastien, spoiled us for dinner with a smoked meat nacho appetizer and chicken and shrimp fajitas main course
  • January 22: Spicy thai peanut mussels with marinated vegetable topping
  • January 23: Chicken lasagna and homemade Bleubry-stuffed ciabatta
  • January 24: Grilled salmon and shrimp Greek salad bowls
  • January 25: Pan-fried beet burgers with cumin-avocado mayonnaise
  • January 26: Oven-baked pork back ribs with homemade Carolina-style BBQ sauce

Next up: Food du Jour goes down-under!

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